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Adult4Green The general objective of our project has to do with raising awareness among the adult population in general on the importance of making th


The general objective of our project has to do with raising awareness among the adult population in general on the importance of making the consumption of the products and services we consume responsible and sustainable.

By responsible consumption we mean an attitude on the part of consumers and users which implies the
conscious and critical purchase of products and/or services, which is demonstrated, both when purchasing a product or hiring a service, such as at home, using efficiently the resources we have.

In this way, a responsible consumer and user would be the one who buys wondering what it is
expendable and what not, since in many occasions consumers do not buy to satisfy a real need, but rather
to satisfy a desire or because they are guided by a social criterion rather than an environmental one such as the responsible consumer.


As regards the specific objectives of this project, they would be:
– To make local adults aware of the need to consume local and proximity products and other forms of
responsible and sustainable consumption of products and services.
– Train consumers and adult users to be aware and self-critical when buying a product
or hiring a service.
– Promote the use of ecological products to prevent the waste of natural resources, starting with a
mass production degrades the environment.
– Teaching ethical values, such as responsibility or austerity as an alternative to waste and consumerism, or
respect for the rights of producers and the environment.
– Learn to choose products, not only for their price or quality, but also because they respect the environment
– Change the increasingly demanding perspective of quality standards by consumers/users of
products/services to improve the green economy and the cycles of nature.
– Promote a lifestyle based on healthy eating habits and the purchase of quality and
environmentally friendly products.
We are sure that through daily gestures, you can contribute to a significant change in
society’s consumption habits, so that adults do not get carried away by the norms, rules and patterns imposed by society, such as advertising or fashion.
This idea of covering all fields for caring for the environment, is rooted in the holistic approach indicated by
the Commission in the Green Deal which “Stresses the need for a holistic and cross-sectoral approach where all relevant policy areas contribute to the climate objective The package includes initiatives on climate, environment, energy, transport, industry, agriculture and sustainable finance, all closely related”
Spread the usefulness of Erasmus + in support of the environment.

Project code : KA210-ADU-17AFBE35


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