Linc’s commitment to the community looks to the future, to the environment and to sustainability.

Thus was born the Erasmus Ka02 project “Zero Waste Cuisine for a Sustainable Future”, aimed at the catering industry, which generates tons of waste using oil, ingredients for packaging, napkins, straws, disposable cutlery, wasting huge amounts of food and producing about 3.3 gigatons of CO2 emissions.

Objective Zero Waste therefore becomes a priority for the catering sector.

4 countries Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Austria will participate in the project for a future Zero Waste.

Among the expected results of the project:

– develop free and open educational resources: zero waste module methodology;

– support a fruitful collaboration between VET schools and socially responsible restaurant for the environment;

– raise awareness and provide professional skills on zero-waste lifestyle by teaching students to use a sustainable approach in the kitchen;

– create an international community of Zero Waste lifestyle supporters.


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